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Elation AV - PA Sound System Hire - HK Audio
Elation AV - Speaker Hire Leeds
Elation AV - Sound System Hire Yorkshire

HK Audio Is Our Preferred PA  Hire Stock

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PA Hire in Leeds / Yorkshire

Here at Elation AV we offer a full PA hire in Leeds and throughout Yorkshire.

All our Pro PA Sound Systems available are produced by HK Audio. For those who have not heard of HK, they have a huge range of Systems catering for DJs, bands, vocalists, clubs and concerts.

We have a wide range of passive pa hire sound systems as well as active ones. If you take a passive system we will supply you with the amplifiers and active crossovers all in one easy to use amp rack.

Available to hire we have 10”, 12” & 15” mid/top boxes & 15” & 18” Bass Bins.

One of our most hired PA sound systems are 2 x HK Audio Linear 5 112F Passive mid/high units and 2 x HK Audio CT118 Passive Bass Bins - All this is coupled to 3500 watts of amplifier power with active speaker processing to take care of system protection and crossover frequencies.

Just some of our clients


PA Sound System

Our smaller Systems start at 2 x 12” 500 Watt Active Speakers. Our next systems up comprise of 2 x 15” 600 Watt active speakers, the HK Premium Pro systems are our next step up which are a 1600 watt mid/top and dual 10" bass bin package, this is ideal for medium sized parties.

Elation AV - PA Sound System Hire | Speaker Hire Leeds
PA Hire - 3.5kw HK Audio PA System for a TeePee Wedding

Our larger sound systems are formed around the HK Audio LTS Long Throw System. We use the LTS system for our festival events and can comprise 3 x LSUB4000A bass bins a side with 2 x LTS long throw tops a side. For very large stages we can cater for 6 subs a side and 4 LTS tops a side mounted in a 'head stack' which give 140 degrees of dispersion with long throw capability.

Due to the very modular nature of our PA sound systems we can build small or large systems to your specification which are ideally suited towards your event.

Elation AV - HK Audio PA Sound System for an Asian Wedding in Bradford
Cedar Court Hotel Bradford - Asian wedding using 2 x HK Audio LSUB4000A's & 2 x HK Audio LTS Long Throw Tops (300 guests in this room)
Elation AV - PA Setup - HK Audio Band speakers
PA setup in selby for multiple bands - x32 digital desk ready to sound check the bands when they arrive
Elation AV - HK Audio Long Throw LTS/LSUB System supplied & engineered for bradford's Nagar Kirtan
HK Audio Long Throw LTS/LSUB System supplied & engineered for bradford's Nagar Kirtan (April 2019)
Elation AV - PA Hire for wedding speeches
Camp Katur - Bedale - small Speakers for wedding speeches
Elation AV - PA Hire - Sound System for a Leeds based Bar Mitzvah
Large PA Hire Sound system for a Bar Mitzvah in leeds
Elation AV - We hire out HK Audio speakers
We Carry A Wide Range Of HK Audio For Rental & B2B Rental. We can now officially sell hK audio too.
Elation AV - HK Audio - Long Throw Sound System
lts long throw mid/high units & lSub4000A's now in rental stock
Elation AV - PA Hire - HK Audio
PA Hire - Sound System Hire - HK Audio
Elation AV - HK Audio Nano - Hire Portable Sound System
Lucas Nano 608i's - The perfect all in one Audio sound box!

Equipment Deposit & ID checks

Due to the nature of the equipment being hired out, a cash deposit may be required for the hire, ID checks will also be performed.

Along with the deposit, three forms of ID will be required, one must be a UK driving license, one a UK passport (6 months remaining) and the other a household utility bill dated within the last 3 months. For Pioneer hire ID must be sent through 3 working days before the requested hire date so ID and security checks can be performed. Payment can only be made through bank transfer in the name of the hirer and the ID supplied must match that person. If you require clarification on the above please ask at the time of ordering.

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