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Moving Head Hire - Intelligent Lighting Fixture Hire

American DJ Focus Spot 5Z

The newest fixture in our rental stock are the Focus Spot 5z. The Focus Spot 5z is powered by a brilliant 200W cool white LED engine and is equipped with motorized focus, zoom (11 ~ 22-degree zoom) and two Frost filters (heavy frost and light frost). It is designed for temporary live events and fixed installations in nightclubs, stages or churches. It is professionally fit with one GOBO wheel (7 aluminum and 1 glass GOBO) with 7 rotating/replaceable GOBOS, two COLOR wheels, each with 7 vibrant colors plus white, and 2 rotating/indexable prisms, (one 5-facet linear and one 6-facet circular).

Our 5z moving heads are used all over the UK, we have already shipped them (dry hire) to events in London, Edinborough, Liverpool, Ipswitch etc. If shipped, they are packed (4) in a road ready flight case that protects them from damage whilst in transit.

Our moving heads can be dry hired or supplied with a lighting tech to run your event.

Elation AV - Moving Head Hire Leeds
Elation AV - Moving Head Hire Leeds
Elation AV - Lighting hire for event at The Queens Hotel in Leeds
Elation AV - Hire ADJ Focus Spot 5z moving heads and Robe LEDbeam 150 moving heads in Leeds and Yorkshire

Robe LEDBeam 150

The best things come in small packages, now with zoom included. LEDBeam 150 is the answer with fast sweeping beams and a wide far-reaching quality wash in a compact housing.

The spectacular zoom range of 3.8° to 60° uses an eminent custom-designed optical system, now equipped with Robe's innovative lens coating technology which brings benefits such as bright and clear lenses, no scratches or marks, higher light output and longer intervals between cleaning. The unique LEDBeam 150 FW offers Fresnel-Wash type of light output for even smooth edges and better color homogenization. Attractive colorful chases and smooth transitions are powered by a cluster of high power multichip 40W RGBW LEDs.

A highly optimized motorised control produces speedy pan and tilt movement. Besides intense strobing capabilities, both LEDBeam 150 and LEDBeam 150 FW also offer gentle 18-bit dimming, including Tungsten lamp effects.

Hire your Robe LEDBeam 150 moving heads from Elation AV in Leeds

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