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Elation AV can provide Laser Hire and Laser Shows throughout the UK

Laser Hire

Elation AV have lasers for hire from 2 Watts up to a staggering 14 Watt RGB Piko. All our lasers 7 Watts and above come with a laser engineer who will stay on-site for the duration of the event.

Our laser hire has been used from everything from birthday party’s to club nights and even outside wedding ceremony's where the happy couple were able to walk under a ‘blue tunnel’ to the connecting building. Our laser shows also compliment our dj hire service perfectly.

Some of our clients for Laser Shows include, The Naughty Reunion, Swing Thing, Sonic Boom 6, O2 Academy (Leeds), UnDisclosed (Halifax), Flux (Leeds), Code In The Dark (Leeds).

Elation AV - Laser Hire

Laser Rental For All Events

Our smaller lasers can be run multiple ways, by using sound to light, their own built in animation programs or by DMX control through a third party dongle and software.

The larger units from 1.8 watts upward do not have sound to light or even their own animation programs built in, instead they use official ILDA software from Phoenix Software or Pangolin to create the shows. A show can be created by our engineers or can be built around your end goal and vision. Remember, the more complicated a logo, text display or beam show is, the higher quality / more laser(s) you will require.

Elation AV - Laser Rental for all events

Lasers From Laserworld

Elation AV only use the highest quality show lasers for our Laser Hire equipment, all of our lasers come from Laserworld who are based in Switzerland but have offices worldwide.

Our Show Lasers all conform to UK safety standards and range from 2 Watts up to our biggest on stock which is a 14 Watt RTi Piko however we have a large network of laser rental partners so can acquire lasers up to 36 Watts if required.

Elation AV - Laserworld Laser Hire

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