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Smoke Fluid

Using a lot of smoke ourselves now enables us to buy smoke fluid and haze fluid by the pallet at a much reduced rate. We can offer smoke fluid in 5LT containers or 20LT containers, the 20LT container offers better value as you can just 'decant' it into your smoke machine(s) as needed.

Elation AV - Buy Smoke Fluid Leeds
5LTS 'Heavy' Smoke Fluid only £15.00 Inc VAT
Elation AV - Smoke Fluid Leeds
20LTS 'Heavy' smoke fluid only £53.00 Inc VAT

We can offer smoke fluid in three variations although we mainly carry FOG3 which is classed as heavy/dense

FOG1 - Light: made for visibility of laser and scanner shows without the need to destroy the show through waves of fog.
FOG2 - Medium: Standard fog juice for all kind of applications. Most of the time used in clubs, discos and party's.
FOG3 - Heavy: Long lasting, intense juice for white plum of fog. Made for show effects or for long lasting effects. (Best Seller)

All our Smoke and Haze fluid from ADJ is Diethylenglycol AND Glycerine Free

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